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Songs of Life

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Written and produced by Michaels, all 14 tracks on Songs Of Life are exactly that, songs inspired by events in the singer/songwriter's life. Songs Of Life kicks off with rebellion and angst, in songs such as "Menace To Society" and "Bittersweet." It's about unconditional love, such as in the first single, "Raine," written after the May 20, 2000, birth of his daughter. It's about life after the tragedy and heroism of September 11, in the all-acoustic song, "One More Day." It's about tough relationships, like in the songs "Forgiveness" and "Strange Sensation." It's about surviving diabetes, in the song "I Remember." It's about sex and violence, in the songs "It's My Party" and "Loaded Gun." It's about attitude, in the title track "Songs Of Life." It's about family, loyalty and sacrifice (Bret's father was a Navy veteran who served in the Korean conflict, his Uncle Nick was killed in World War II and Cousin Bobby, a marine, was wounded in Vietnam), in the song "War Machine." Songs Of Life is about the lyrics, music and production.

In addition, Songs Of Life is enhanced with the video for the first single "Raine," and also includes two bonus tracks, "Party Rock Band" from the film and soundtrack, A Letter From Death Row, as well as "Stay With Me," an acoustic piano track from the album, Ballads, Blues and Stories, a unique storytellers CD made available only through Michaels' fan club.

  1. Menace To Society
  2. Bittersweet
  3. Raine
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Loaded Gun
  6. Strange Sensation
  7. Songs of Life
  8. One More Day
  9. I Remember
  10. The Chant
  11. It's My Party
  12. War Machine
  13. Party Rock Band
  14. Stay With Me