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Caroline Jones on The Tonight Show!!

By Mindy Espy-Reyes 7 months ago 2805 Views No comments

Don't miss Caroline Jones on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Thursday 8/15/19.

Caroline Jones & The Pelicanaires Debut Song Gulf Coast Girl!

8 months ago 5314 Views No comments

Today on Sirius XM, Jimmy Buffett, Mac McAnally and Caroline Jones debuted the new song "Gulf Coast Girl (feat. Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, Lukas Nelson and Mac McAnally)"! Written by Jimmy and Mac for Caroline, the song proves to be a summer anthem! As Rolling Stone says, the song has an "easygoing vibe with a vocal that’s as sunny and inviting as the locations mentioned." Take a listen and add it to your summer playlist!

Cas Haley's Lessons & Blessings OUT NOW!

8 months ago 3853 Views No comments

The first single from his new album "Open Eyes" strays from Cas’s usual upbeat mode. A melancholy vibe is "usually not my M.O.," laughs the TX singer-songwriter-guitarist. But when this particular song was conceived, life had interrupted Cas's rhythm.

With four albums under his belt and thousands of shows behind him, Cas was dividing his time between touring and spending time with his wife and kids on his Texas farm. He'd long since absorbed the hard-knock lessons of his dramatic runner-up finish on an early season of America's Got Talent.

Of course there were ups and downs along the way. But he always bounced back. Then in 2018 came a bigger jolt. His wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Suddenly life seemed a much darker place. Would music flow again? Inevitably, it did and Lessons & Blessings was born.

Amid all the twists and turns of his life & career, two things remain constant: family and the message of unity and love woven through his songs. Check out Lessons & Blessings