Jimmy Buffett Songs From St.Somewhere vinyl

Songs From St. Somewhere (180 gram Vinyl)

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Double vinyl album, 180 gram, featuring 16 new recordings. The album was recorded Spring 2013 in various locales including Key West, Nashville, Austin, Miami and St. Barts. The first single, "Too Drunk To Karaoke" is a duet with Toby Keith. Other song titles are "Somethin' 'Bout A Boat", "Einstein Was A Surfer", "I Want To Go Back To Cartagena", "Tides" and "Useless But Important Information"

Vinyl version includes two-discs, picture sleeves and an eight-page insert with pictures and lyrics.

Side One:

  1. Something' 'Bout A Boat
  2. Einstein Was A Surfer
  3. Earl's Dead - Cadillac For Sale
  4. Too Drunk To Karaoke (with Toby Keith)

Side Two:

  1. Serpentine
  2. Useless But Important Information
  3. I Want To Go Back To Cartagena
  4. Soulfully

Side Three:

  1. Rue De La Guitare
  2. I'm No Russian
  3. Tides
  4. The Rocket That Grandpa Rode

Side Four:

  1. I Wave Bye Bye
  2. Colour Of The Sun
  3. Oldest Surfer On The Beach

Bonus: I Want To Go Back To Cartagena (with Fanny Lu) - Spanish Version

Songs From St. Somewhere Vinyl