Jimmy Buffett Live at Wrigley Field

Live At Wrigley Field CD

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This 2 CD package is an AUDIO ONLY version of the popular Wrigley DVD that was released in August 2006. A 12 page booklet is included in the package.

Audio Previews:
Click on a highlighted title to preview that track. Audio previews require the free Windows Media Player available for both Macintosh and PCs and may require you to temporarily disable your pop-up blocker.


  1. Piece Of Work
  2. The Pascagoula Run
  3. Hey Good Lookin'
  4. Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
  5. I Will Play For Gumbo
  6. Come Monday*
  7. Last Mango In Paris
  8. Woman Goin' Crazy On Caroline Street
  9. License To Chill
  10. Son of a Son of a Sailor*
  11. Cheeseburger In Paradise*
  12. Volcano
  13. Brown Eyed Girl


  1. Go Cubs Go
  2. Why Don't We Get Drunk
  3. La Vie Dansante
  4. Banana Republics
  5. Southern Cross
  6. School Boy Heart*
  7. A Pirate Looks At Forty
  8. Take Me Out To The Ball Game
  9. The City
  10. It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere
  11. One Particular Harbour
  12. Margaritaville*
  13. Fins
  14. Scarlet Begonias
  15. City Of New Orleans