Sammy Hagar with Vic Johnson  Lite Roast

Lite Roast - Sammy Hagar with Vic Johnson

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For the first time in his career, Sammy Hagar releases an acoustic album of some of his better-known songs. Featuring 11 tracks, Sammy is joined by longtime band guitarist of the "Waboritas," Vic Johnson, on guitar and vocals.

“It's very live, very personal with Vic accompanying me on guitar and singing background vocals. No overdubs...I hope that my hardcore fans are really going to love it.”

1. Red Voodoo
2. One Sip
3. Finish What Ya Started
4. Eagles Fly
5. The Love
6. Father Sun
7. Dreams
8. Deeper Kinda Love
9. Who Has the Right?
10. Sailin'
11. Halfway to Memphis