Jim Mayer Funky as a Diaper

Funky As A Diaper

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Winner of an iParenting media award and recognized as a "hot product of 2004." "Funky As A Diaper" is a collection of 12 original humorous and joyful children's tunes. Mayer's intention with this CD was "to make it fun for kids and musically interesting for adults." Engineered by two-time Grammy award winner and Hall of Fame engineer, Alan Shulman, with guest performers such as Grammy award-winning saxophonist Jeff Coffin, former Arrested Development singer, Nadirah Shakoor and Larry Byron of Steppenwolf fame.

  1. Uncle Jim Theme
  2. Funky As A Diaper
  3. Lonely Broccoli
  4. The Smile In The Sky
  5. I Am A Three Legged Dog
  6. Rain Rain Rain
  7. Tape
  8. Where's The Turkey?
  9. Schmoopie
  10. There's Nothing Like A Dog
  11. I Need A Badezimmer
  12. I Don't Understand