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My main goal in this crazy business was to keep writing songs and entertaining our fans. When we started that process a year ago with songs for a new album and finished it this January in Key West, I thought we could check that box off. Then, the world took a catastrophic meteor-like hit from a virus you can’t see without a microscope. Suddenly, we were all hurled into survival mode that almost feels like science fiction, except for the fact that we are living it, in real time. Hopefully, the songs we wrote and recorded, will also help folks deal with the fallout.
Thanks to all of you, inspiring fellow artists, fellow surfers, boat captains, and our fans cooped up for the time being. There will be a time and a place when we emerge from these troubled waters and things will change for the better. When that happens, we will be back on a stage playing for our amazing fans. Every day, I visualize that moment, and get “chicken skin” and smile. In the meantime, as the final words of the final song on this album address, “I am not ready to put the book on the shelf," and neither should anybody out there, who loves “nibblin’ on sponge cake.
One Love and Fins Up
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