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Subtlety & Passion

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Subtlety & Passion

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  1. I Could Tell You Secrets
  2. Somewhere Girl
  3. The Mystery Of Moonlight
  4. Gimme Gimme
  5. Another Sunday
  6. For You, Kate
  7. It's Always Something
  8. Intensity
  9. You're My Sunshine Everyday
  10. You Never Know The Story
  11. It's A Groove, This Life

subtlety & passion contains a new collection of songs that will remind you of the eclectic approach of early Chicago days. Recorded over the last three years, this album features many friends surely you will recognize, including fellow Chicago mates, Jason Scheff, Lee Loughnane, Tris Imboden, Walt Parazaider, Jimmy Pankow, Keith Howland, Chris Pinnick, and providing background vocals on several tracks are Timothy B. Schmit (Eagles) & Gerry Beckley (America).