Life on the Flip Side Beach Deluxe Package

Life on the Flip Side Beach Deluxe Package

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Package contains: Life on the Flip Side

CD includes a special 64-page booklet!

CD, Beach Bag, Water Bottle, Tumbler, Cap and 30 x 60 Beach Towel

Bottle Size 28oz.

Tumbler Size 12oz.

*Note: This is a pre-order, and items will ship for arrival around the release date, May 29th.


Net proceeds will be donated to Covid-19 relief funds.

CD includes a 64 page booklet featuring exclusive content including lyrics, special photos from Jimmy's collection, his stories behind the songs, and more!

***Cap has strap with metal clasp***

Track Listing:

1)  Down at the Lah De Dah
2)  Who Gets To Live Like This
3)  The Devil I Know
4)  The Slow Lane
5)  Cussin’ Island
6)  Oceans of Time
7)  Hey, That’s My Wave
8)  The World Is What You Make It
9)  Half Drunk
10) Mailbox Money
11) Slack Tide
12) Live, Like It’s Your Last Day
13) 15 Cuban Minutes
14) Book On The Shelf