Chris Isaak Baja Sessions

Baja Sessions

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Baja Sessions is the sixth studio album by Chris Isaak, released in 1996, featuring largely acoustic arrangements. The album contains a large number of covers, many of which are classic songs (such as the Hawaiian-tinged "Sweet Leilani" and "South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)") which refer to, or are styled to suggest, tropical, laid-back settings.

1. Pretty Girls Don't Cry
2. Back on Your Side
3. Only the Lonely
4. South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)
5. I Wonder
6. Wrong to Love You
7. Waiting for My Lucky Day
8. Yellow Bird
9. Two Hearts
10. Return to Me (Carmen Lombardo, Danny DiMinno)
11. Dancin'
12. Sweet Leilani
13. Think of Tomorrow