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PO# 182414

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Celebrated recording artist Mishka?s new release, the "Ocean Is My Potion" EP, is a journey back to his musical roots. Like Mishka himself, the album is imprinted with the sounds and emotions of the islands, with influences that range from the heavy bass of Reggae to the gulf and western stylings of Jimmy Buffett.

Mishka first met Jimmy Buffett when he was an entrepreneurial five year-old delivering fresh croissants to Jimmy's sailboat in the French West Indies. The musician and young Mishka formed a fast bond, and Jimmy wrote and recorded a song about him called, "Chanson Pour Les Petis Enfants" which translates to, "Song For Little Children."

When preparing to record his latest album, Mishka handpicked his support team, which led him back to his old friend from the islands. This album will be his first release on Mailboat Records.

Track Listing



1. Ocean Is My Potion (feat. Jimmy Buffett)
2. Love You (When I'm Close To You)
3. Rebel Soul
4. Love and Roots
5. When The Rain Comes Down
6. Constant Revolution
7. Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season (feat. Jimmy Buffett)