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  1. Chris Isaak Christmas

    When Chris Isaak decided it was time to make the Christmas album he had always wanted to make, it was in the midst of the blazing hot California summer. What a perfect scenario for a Chris Isaak Christmas! Chris and his long time band decorated the studio, cranked the air-conditioner, and got in the holiday spirit to record this quintessential Christmas collection. This holiday album from singer-songwriter and star-of-his-own-TV-show Chris Isaak, features 16 tracks - 5 original songs and 11 Christmas favorites, all produced by Chris himself.

    1. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
    2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    3. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
    4. Washington Square
    5. Blue Christmas
    6. The Christmas Song
    7. Hey Santa!
    8. Let It Snow
    9. Christmas On TV
    10. Pretty Paper
    11. White Christmas
    12. Mele Kalikimaka
    13. Brightest Star
    14. Last Month Of The Year
    15. Gotta Be Good
    16. Auld Lang Syne
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  2. Chris Isaak Best of Chris Isaak

    1. San Francisco Days
    2. Somebody's Crying
    3. Wicked Game
    4. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing
    5. Let Me Down Easy
    6. Two Hearts
    7. King Without a Castle
    8. Only the Lonely
    9. Speak of the Devil
    10. Blue Spanish Sky
    11. You Woe Me Some Kind of Love
    12. Can't Do a Thing (To Stop Me)
    13. Let's Have a Party
    14. Dancin'
    15. Blue Hotel
    16. Please
    17. I Want You to Want Me
    18. Forever Blue

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  3. Chris Isaak Forever Blue

    Forever Blue is the fifth album by Chris Isaak, released in 1995. The album included three singles: the Grammy-nominated "Somebody's Crying"; "Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing," which was featured in Stanley Kubrick's final film, Eyes Wide Shut; and "Graduation Day," featured in the 1996 film Beautiful Girls. In 1996, Forever Blue was also nominated for Best Rock Album.

    1. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing
    2. Somebody's Crying
    3. Graduation Day
    4. Go Walking Down There
    5. Don't Leave Me on My Own
    6. Things Go Wrong
    7. Forever Blue
    8. There She Goes
    9. Goin' Nowhere
    10. Changed Your Mind
    11. Shadows in a Mirror
    12. I Believe
    13. The End of Everything

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  4. Chris Isaak Mr.Lucky

    Chris Isaak, the epitome of modern musical cool, is back with Mr. Lucky, his first non-holiday studio album since 2002. Filled with his distinctive, sweetly moody, slyly sexy retro-pop, Isaak's fans will consider themselves fortunate that new music from their Mr. Lucky has finally arrived.

    1. Cheater's Town
    2. We Let Her Down
    3. You Don't Cry Like I Do
    4. We've Got Tomorrow
    5. Breaking Apart (Chris Isaak/Diane Warren (duet with Trisha Yearwood)
    6. Baby Baby
    7. Mr. Lonely Man
    8. I Lose My Heart (duet with Michelle Branch)
    9. Summer Holiday
    10. Best I Ever Had
    11. We Lost Our Way
    12. Very Pretty Girl
    13. Take My Heart
    14. Big Wide Wonderful World

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  5. Chris Isaak Baja Sessions

    Baja Sessions is the sixth studio album album by Chris Isaak, released in 1996, featuring largely acoustic arrangements. The album contains a large number of covers, many of which are classic songs (such as the Hawaiian-tinged "Sweet Leilani" and "South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)") which refer to, or are styled to suggest, tropical, laid-back settings.

    1. Pretty Girls Don't Cry
    2. Back on Your Side
    3. Only the Lonely
    4. South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)
    5. I Wonder
    6. Wrong to Love You
    7. Waiting for My Lucky Day
    8. Yellow Bird
    9. Two Hearts
    10. Return to Me (Carmen Lombardo, Danny DiMinno)
    11. Dancin'
    12. Sweet Leilani
    13. Think of Tomorrow

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  6. Chris Isaak San Francisco Days

    San Francisco Days is the fourth album by Chris Isaak, released in 1993.

    1. San Francisco Days
    2. Beautiful Homes
    3. Round 'N' Round
    4. Two Hearts
    5. Can't Do a Thing (To Stop Me) (Isaak, Brian Elliot)
    6. Except the New Girl
    7. Waiting
    8. Move Along
    9. I Want Your Love
    10. 5:15
    11. Lonely With a Broken Heart
    12. Solitary Man

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  7. Chris Isaak

    Chris Isaak is the eponymous second album by Chris Isaak, released in 1987.

    1. You Owe Me Some Kind of Love
    2. Heart Full of Soul (Graham Gouldman)
    3. Blue Hotel
    4. Lie to Me
    5. Fade Away
    6. Wild Love
    7. This Love Will Last
    8. You Took My Heart
    9. Cryin'
    10. Lovers Game
    11. Waiting for the Rain to Fall

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  8. Chris Isaak Silvertone

    Silvertone is the first album by Chris Isaak, released in 1985, and named after his three-piece backup band.

    1. Dancin'
    2. Talk to Me
    3. Livin' for Your Lover
    4. Back on Your Side
    5. Voodoo
    6. Funeral in the Rain
    7. The Lonely Ones
    8. Unhappiness
    9. Tears
    10. Gone Ridin'
    11. Pretty Girls Don't Cry
    12. Western Stars

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  9. Chris Isaak Speak Of The Devil

    Speak of the Devil is the seventh studio album by Chris Isaak.

    1. Please
    2. Flying
    3. Walk Slow
    4. Breaking Apart
    5. This Time
    6. Speak of the Devil
    7. Like the Way She Moves
    8. Wanderin'
    9. Don't Get So Down on Yourself
    10. Black Flowers
    11. I'm Not Sleepy
    12. 7 Lonely Nights
    13. Talkin' 'bout a Home
    14. Super Magic 2000

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  10. Chris Isaak Always Got Tonight

    Always Got Tonight is the eighth studio album by Chris Isaak.

    1. One Day
    2. Let Me Down Easy
    3. Worked It Out Wrong
    4. Courthouse
    5. Life Will Go On
    6. Always Got Tonight
    7. Cool Love
    8. Notice the Ring
    9. I See You Everywhere
    10. American Boy
    11. Somebody to Love
    12. Nothing to Say

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