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Chris Isaak

Chris Isaak

From the beginning, Chris Isaak has earned his good luck the hard way -- by consistently delivering excellent work, both onstage and in the studio on a series of accomplished albums from Silvertone (1985), Chris Isaak (1986), Heart Shaped World (1989), San Francisco Day (1993), Forever Blue (1995), the largely acoustic Baja Sessions (1996), Speak of the Devil (1998), Always Got Tonight (2002), the seasonal-themed Christmas, the Best of Chris Isaak compilation (2006), Mr. Lucky (2009) and "Live at the Fillmore (2010).

In between all those album and tours, Isaak has also used his famously sly, self-deprecating wit and matinee idol looks to enjoy a whole second life onscreen. He has appeared in numerous films including Jonathan Demme's Married To The Mob, David Lynch's Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, to high profile guest parts on Friends and the Emmy-winning HBO miniseries From The Earth To The Moon. Isaak starred in his own acclaimed Showtime musical comedy series The Chris Isaak Show from 2001-2004 -- an inspired vehicle that expertly showcased many of his considerable talents as a comedian and musician.

"I get to work with and make music with an incredible group of people -- my band, my management, the crew," says Isaak. For instance, I've been together with most of the guys in the band for 25 years now, and I still look forward to playing with them every night -- and even sharing the bus with them on the way to the next gig. Then to make things even better, when we play, wonderful people turn up to see us -- it's like having a hometown wherever we go."

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