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Matt Hoggatt was born and raised along a stretch of the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the small town of Gautier, Mississippi, an area rich in musical heritage and coastal culture. In 2005 after serving 7 years in the Army National Guard assigned to the 41st Army Band, Matt began penning his own songs and playing open mic at one of Elvis Presley’s old haunts in Ocean Springs, Mississippi called the “Julep Room.” It was there that his love for songwriting began.

“The first time I discovered the Julep Room, I don’t know if it was the local music, or one of the bartender Mike Shaffer’s long-island ice teas, but I couldn’t get enough. I was completely hooked on the idea of songwriting. I eventually played the first gig of my career in that bar. Mike Shaffer booked me and he still makes those long-island ice teas.”

– Matt Hoggatt

The rest is history. Only a few years later, Matt would win numerous songwriting awards and contests, most notably with a song called "Dear Jimmy Buffett" which promptly got the attention of yes, you guessed it, JB himself! They had so much fun with the track, that Matt went on the road with Jimmy and performed to thousands. He continued to play at several Margaritaville locations, where his album "Hotter Than Fishgrease" was recorded.

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