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It's rare for a young musician to earn comparisons to the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis. It's even harder to find an artist who has entirely redefined an instrument by his early thirties. But Jake Shimabukuro (she-ma-boo-koo-row) has already accomplished these feats, and more, in a little over a decade of playing and recording music. As the San Francisco Gaterecently posited about the Hawaiian musician: “The sounds the boyish 33-year old wrings from his ukulele…are unlike anything else in the history of the instrument.”

About the album: Dubbed the "Jimi Hendrix of the Ukulele," Jake Shimabukuro defies the limitations of his 4 string, 2 octave instrument on his new album, "Grand Ukulele."

Heralded by musicians who hear him, Eddie Vedder was most recently quoted as saying, "Jake is taking the instrument to a place that I can't see anybody else catching up with him."

Produced by Alan Parsons (assistant engineer of the Beatles "Abbey Road" and Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon") with orchestrations by rock icon, Kip Winger. On "Grand Ukulele," Jake redefines the ukulele itself with amazing renditions of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and Adele's "Rolling In The Deep."

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